How to Grow a Healthy Beard

The First step to growing a beard is Simply DO NOT SHAVE. Many men wonder how they can grow their beard thicker, and faster. Beard growth is primarily based on genetics. There are several steps you can take to improve your beard health. Let’s go over a few ways to improve your Beard Health.


Wash Your Beard.

Washing your beard is a good thing. It keeps your beard looking good, smelling good, and the daily residue out. We recommend once daily up to every 3rd day. The duration needed between washes can vary depending on how much natural oil you produce, how dirty your job is, and several other factors. We recommend using goat soap, or pine tar soap.


Oil Your Beard.

Oil your beard at least once daily after washing it. Beard oil will hydrate your beard and skin. This will help eliminate things like itchy skin, flaky skin, breakage, and split ends. Using beard oil Daily will provide your beard with fatty acids which will encourage growth. Your beard will look great, and be easier to maintain with daily use of beard oil.



Work Out.

Work out Once daily. This will not only get your body in shape, It will also help stimulate beard growth. You don’t have to stick to just weights and cardio. You can ride a bike, go hiking, or take up yoga. Try to fit in a minimum of 30 minutes daily.


Eat Foods With Protein & Saturated Fat.

Eat foods that contain a large amount of Protein and Saturated fat. Your beard is basically protein wrapped in fat. Eating Both will help with growth. The Saturated fat will help boost testosterone levels which will promote healthy beard growth. There are many things you can eat like Steak, Fish, nuts, eggs, avocados, etc. Try to get a healthy intake of Protein & Saturated Fat every day.


Take Vitamins. 

Take your vitamins daily. If you want to help promote beard growth we recommend taking B-complex, or Biotin. Taking your vitamins daily and including either B-complex or Biotin will promote hair growth. This usually promotes all hair growth, and not just the beard. Nourish your body, and your beard.


Trim Your Beard. 

Trimming your beard’s ends every couple weeks will also promote beard growth. This doesn’t have to be a drastic cutting of the beard. Simply trim a tiny bit off the ends of the beard to keep it growing steady, and looking great. Depending on your style get it shaped every couple months. Be careful when shaping your beard. It’s usually best to visit your local barber for shaping.



Getting sleep helps your entire body and mind. Getting a good night sleep also helps your beard in promoting healthy growth. The recommended amount of sleep is anywhere from 7 to 9 hours every night. This will rejuvenate your Brain, Body, and Beard.


These are a few of the steps you can take to make sure your beard is healthy, and set up for optimal growth. Contact us if you have any questions regarding beard care. Be sure to follow us on Social media for more Beard How to’s. 



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