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MO Beard Feature: Baskets filled with locally made products make great holiday gifts

Gift baskets have long been one of my favorite presents to give and receive.

They are easily themed to fit each individual’s taste and are full of little gifts to open. I give my best friend a gourmet food basket every year (many of them local foods) and it’s a joy to see her discover new products. If you want to prolong the opening experience, wrap each item in tissue paper. When I first started giving baskets, I bought new ones, but now I go to thrift stores to find baskets. I bought all the baskets shown in this story at thrift stores for $1-2 each.

If you are willing to spend money and want a local basket to complete the local basket theme, students at College of the Ozarks weave baskets and those are beautiful. They are available on campus at Edwards Mill.

If you want to assemble gift baskets this year, you can fill them with an abundance of wonderful local products. Here’s an idea for the ultimate Man Basket:

Brock Rapp is the mastermind behind MoBeards, a Springfield company that produces 100 percent natural handcrafted products for men’s facial hair. The beard oil alleviates itchiness that can come with growing a beard and also softens and tames a beard. As a man who sports his own facial hair, he decided to start the company after shopping around for beard oil. He carries scented and unscented beard oils (scented are more popular). Mustache wax is $10; beard oils range from $18-$20. You can find it at retailers in town: Just for Him, Rogue Barber Co., Cosmic Fish, Made Man (formerly Too Hotties) and Springfield Barbershop.

Emerson Park Apothecary is a Springfield company that started making handcrafted soaps. From there the product line expanded to include facial hair products and lotion, and it continues to grow. The products are as natural as possible.

Shower Steamer from Relaxed Rhino Bath Co. in Ozark makes bath products for men or women (although these are geared towards men). These are perfect when you need to relieve some congestion, $3.95 at Just for Him. She does custom orders, too. 

Top it all off with a gift card to his favorite local brewery and you’re done.

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