Top 5 New Years Resolutions and how to keep them

By: Brock Rapp
As 2017 draws to a close most of us will have resolutions for the new year. This is an age old tradition that generally gets pushed under the rug by springtime. I’m Going to take you through the top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for 2018 and how to keep them! 
-Exercise more
The people I know either don’t exercise, or They Run marathons for fun…Not much in between. Moderation is a great thing! It is recommended to get at least 2.5 hours of exercise per week. The best way to continue this resolution is to have a plan on paper and stick to it. Find an accountability partner! Schedule 45 minutes per day 3 days per week! Excuses will always be easier than commitment. Implementing consistently is key and your body will thank you later.
– Lose Weight
Nearly 70% of the U.S. population struggles with being overweight, with about half of that number being obese. It’s safe to say that we could all lose a little weight. Let’s Be honest…most of us hit up Taco Bell then Binge Netflix. Few of us are eating quinoa, kale, and getting the recommended weekly exercise. The Key to Losing weight is establishing an ongoing healthy diet and partnering that with a workout routine. Cheat days turn into Cheat weeks then you are elbows deep in some supreme nachos watching Game of Thrones. Set a target date for your desired weight and be consistent in your habits.
– Get out of Debt & Save
The Average American has around $88K in debt (not counting their Home/Mortgage). Because we absolutely have to get the New Yeezys, a new car, Vacay on the Beach, a Dirt bike, and that 75” 3D 4K T.V. We tend to Spend money like we’re Rich while having a poor to moderate income stream. First look for ways to increase your income…it could include working more hours, streamlining your work so you earn more commissions, or coming up with a side hustle. Then assess your financial situation. Consolidate your debt’s into the lowest interest options you can find. Instead of paying hundreds per year in interest you are paying down the principle Faster. To Beef up savings decide on a percentage of each paycheck that is comfortable to put into savings. Have that percentage automatically put in a separate account so you don’t even see it. Once you build up a nice balance talk to a financial adviser so you can perpetuate your growth. Continuing those behaviors will ensure you don’t go backwards with your finances.
– Quit Tobacco 
Nearly 500,000 Americans Die from Tobacco use every year. That’s a lot of people that could have lived longer lives by quitting early. While it’s easier said than done.. quitting tobacco could be the most important health decision you make. There are many approaches you can take, but the biggest thing is to mentally tell yourself “not today satan”. Your desire to quit and lead a healthier life has to be greater than the urge to use Tobacco. Find healthy habits to substitute in place of tobacco use and avoid being in situations that influence you to use.
– Check off Bucket list items 
We all have things we want to do at some point in life…Maybe Travel to a certain place, get that tattoo you always talked about, start a business, Go skydiving, compete in a Beard competition, or make amends with old friends/family. Too many times people drift through life and at the end they realize they haven’t done everything that they truly wanted to. Don’t do that to yourself…Make a list! If you already have a list make a timeline as to when you are going to cross each thing off. The timeline can be Based on Age or by Year. Stick to it, and someday you’ll look back at your life and smile.
You may have these resolutions, or you may have different resolutions. The key to being successful with ANY of them is having a plan and consistently executing everyday. Moderation in any endeavor will ensure you don’t burn out. Plan your resolutions carefully and stick to the plan! Only 8% of people are successful with their New Year’s Resolutions…Let’s join them. From all of us here at MoBeards we wish you a Happy & Healthy 2018.

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