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The History of MoBeards


MoBeards didn’t happen overnight. It’s something that evolved from a series of Events, and it’s still evolving. Let’s go back to 2011 when I would shave about every week or so. I never really thought about growing a beard, but I definitely hated shaving. I had just gotten married, and my wife was not into the stubble. With a serious look she tells me “You need to start shaving everyday, or grow a beard.” That is really the starting point of my beard story.

The next couple years I grew it, then trimmed it short, then grew it again. This takes us to the fall of 2013 when my barber asked me “Do you use any beard oil?”. Like most people at the time I had no idea what beard oil was. I said “No”, and then asked him about it. He gave me an overview of what beard oil does, and then applied some on my beard. My beard was dry, and the oil soaked right in. There was a noticeable difference in my beard.  After a few months I had purchased various beard oils and came to a conclusion: The available beard oils were either not to my liking, or they are too damn expensive. In the Spring of 2014 I began researching oils, beard oil, skin care, and hair care. I Started mixing oils and after a lot of time, research, testing, and money I found a blend that I was happy with. By this time Summer was ending, it was August 2014. I decided to make about a dozen bottles of my beard oil, and hand it out to my bearded friends. They loved it, and wanted more. I brought some to my barber, he also gave me kudos.

That weekend I reached out to a good friend to see if he wanted to launch a beard oil company with me. We sat on the patio and discussed it over several pints. We used the next several months to broaden our Product line, and complete R&D on the additional oils, and combs. We commissioned a local tattoo artist to design our logo and labels. We also commissioned a local furniture maker to produce our combs. MoBeards officially launched January 1st 2015 at a New Years Show in downtown Springfield, Missouri. Since that time our Product line has grown, and is still evolving with new products. MoBeards was started in a home office, but soon we needed more space. After months of searching we found a historic building in Springfield, Mo that fit our needs. We now have an awesome building that we share with a tattoo company. This makes for a very cool, and creative environment. We believe strongly in our community, and donated approximately 15% of our gross sales to local charity last year. Developing new products that are beneficial, and 100% natural are a true passion of mine. I also really enjoy interacting with our customers, and retailers. Catch up with us at our next event, or shoot us an email. Tell us your beard story, or give us feedback on our products. We will continue to provide 100% natural products that are handcrafted in the U.S.A.


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