What Does Your Lady Really Want For Christmas?

By Britney Davis


It’s that time of year again, guys! What in the world are you going to get her? I know, she’s probably already pulled the: “I don’t need anything” line on you and yet you’re smart enough to know better. We’re a few weeks away from Christmas morning and the last thing you want is to wake up next her with no gift under the tree or worse-get something she could care less about. Don’t worry-I’ve got your back! I talked to several different women, of all ages and from all walks of life and asked them what they really wanted from their significant other for Christmas!


No, the answer was NOT jewelry! Here are the top ten answers and some of them might actually surprise you as much as they did me:


  1. An Instapot. An insta-what-uh? This seemed really cliché and odd to me at first, but after some research, these things will really save your gal pal some time (something they all can’t get enough of). These little life-savers cut cooking time in half (reviews say closer to 70% reduced time cooking) and the basic models are under that $100 mark. They’re easy on the wallet and the stomach!

Check out the Instapot here


  1. A fitness watch. Tons of ladies said they were interested in getting some sort of smart watch/gadget to help track their fitness goals and ring them into the New Year on a healthy foot! Don’t shy away from getting your lady something health related thinking you’ll offend her-she actually WANTS this. Here is a reasonably priced Fitbit Charge 2, a popular choice among fitness gurus and average folks alike:

Check out the Fitbit Charge 2 Here


  1. Car detailing/House cleaning. I don’t think you’d believe me if you knew how many ladies told me they’d prefer their “mom vans” detailed and a good house cleaning over a physical gift! Treat your hard-working, always-on-the-go lady to a clean, shiny car and let someone else come in for the day and clean the crayons off the wall for a change!


  1. Gift cards. I know, you’re cringing right now because gift cards are normally what you give your co-worker Janet that you’ve said two words to since 2003-but, many women, including myself, expressed they’d prefer a gift card to either their favorite store so that they could pick out their own items or one to their favorite coffee shop (hint: take the kids and let them sip their cup o’ joe in silence).


  1. An Ipsy bag subscription. No, I didn’t just speak another language or stutter-an Ipsy bag subscription is all the rage right now with women of all ages who enjoy beauty products. This subscription is ten bucks a month and entails a fashionable makeup bag getting shipped (free shipping) to your doorstep, including 5 new beauty products a month based on their personal style/preferences! Check it out:

Check out the Ipsy Bag Subscription HERE


  1. Along the same lines as #4, many women were interested in an elegant, monthly wine subscription. With work, toddlers, and helping their first grader with what feels like college algebra-mom loves to unwind to a glass of wine over her favorite book. Make it easy on the both of you and have wines from all over the world delivered right to you, starting at $25/month!

Check out this wine subscription


4. Sentimentality. How in the world can I gift this, you ask? Nearly 1/4 of the women I talked to simply want you to gift her something sentimental                 this holiday season. This ranged from a family heirloom to a photo book containing all of your favorite family physical gift! Treat your hard-working,                         Always- on-the-go lady to a clean, shiny car and let someone else come in for the day and clean the crayons off the wall for a change!



  1. A massage/spa day. You see her run the kids to practice, make you dinner and still manage to juggle her own dreams-so, why not gift her an entire afternoon of pampering? Tell her you’ve got the gymnastics practice today and send her on her way for a facial. Trust me, being Wonder Woman is tiring.



  1. An “experience”. Many women are tired of simply getting “stuff” for every gift and want to do something without the kids, with you by their side, and for it to be an activity they haven’t done before. Take her indoor rock wall climbing or surprise her with a month of couple dance classes!



  1. You. Yes, the number one answer, essentially, was they want you for their gift. Life is crazy, especially around the holiday season, and it’s been awhile since just the two of you have had a real date/weekend away from all the chaos. Over half of the women I spoke to want you to plan a weekend get-away or date night, where they only have to get dressed and show up! They want you to cover the details (where you’re eating, what you’re doing, etc.) so they don’t have to sweat the small stuff. Get creative-make an itinerary for the evening and print it out for her and don’t bug her with the details.


Though thinking of something to gift to the perfect woman seems impossible, try not to overthink and remember-she chose you for a reason and all you need to do is show up and remind her why this holiday season.

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